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Community can be described as many different things, for us here at Free Rollers it is for those who share the passion of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Travelling and becoming a better version of ourselves every time we step onto the mats. With our carefully curated trips, partnerships with gyms around the world and willingness to train with who ever when ever we are quickly connecting like-minded individuals and building bonds that will last a lifetime. 


What does it mean to travel with Free Rollers?

Our small group style of travel means you can stay under the radar, you will travel like a local, eat the local way and life the true Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lifestyle for the entire time on the training trip!

You WILL be exposed to some of the best coaches in the world learning from them in a class setting!

You will have the chance to roll with students from all over the world and build bonds that will last a life time!



With a Free Rollers online subscription you will get access to all of our online library with instructional`s, seminars and techniques. You will also get FREE attendance to our workshops and seminars with local Perth coaches every second Sunday, and WORLD CLASS COMPETITORS/COACHES every 6 months. These seminars will be available to MEMBERS only and will be free of charge, in addition the seminars where applicable will be uploaded to our members only area for your convenience to recap when required, or if you are unable to attend  still get access to the knowledge. 

Open Mats

In addition to the Membership options and open mats, we host open mats around Perth and Australia open to all affiliations, all ranks and all ages. Generally these will be free of charge, however there may be small fees associated from time to time to cover and extra costs involved. 

Kyle Skiba

Scott Carpenter

Adam Metcalf

Ale De Varona

Jamil Hvakr

Igor Martins

Free Rollers Community
Connections built on the mats and extended well beyond!
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