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Since starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 6 years ago I always said I wanted to give Yoga a go, I had read about its benefits on and off the mats, but you know how the story goes, shit you may even have a similar story? Talk a big game, finally get the invite to your first class from a mat mate, and then life commitments “unfortunately” pop up, and rather than admit the fear of falling flat on your face during the downward dog because your balance resembles that of a drunken cat and then wait another 6 months for the hype to die down before mentioning the words “I`d give yoga a go sometime, I’ve been meaning to do it for ages” and just like that the circle of life continues.

And continues

And continues. . .

Until recently I stumbled across a post from the team at Yoga for BJJ, I did some research into the program and its founder and discovered that he too has/had a lot of serious lower back issues prior to starting Yoga and that yoga has helped immensely with the management of the issue.

So before I get into the nuts and bolts (literally) about my first month of Yoga For BJJ, if you are interested in looking into it or even signing up to the Yoga For BJJ program CLICK HERE  they offer a FREE TWO WEEK trial and then when you realise how beneficial it is you can then sign up using the code “freeroller” for a 10% discount.

Now the one thing that I absolutely loved about the YFBJJ program is that it can be done ANYWHERE. If you aren’t in the comfort of your own home you can simply download the app and take it where ever you may roam. Another thing that was super handy for me given the lifestyle I live constantly on the road. It takes 5 minutes to chuck on the budgy smugglers and crack out some yoga 😉

I started with the beginners program 10 in 10. The thing I like about this program is that it has catered for absolutely anyone, such as myself (haven’t stretched voluntarily since 1998) through to the higher level Yogi! I Can’t recommend the program enough. 👌 After the first 10 days one thing was determined and despite my early call while rolling after session 2 where I proclaimed that with my new found hobby I was pretty much an Australian Eddie Bravo, it was obvious to me that my flexibility was nearly non-existent, and some of the positions I found myself in were way to good not to recreate after the session for a photo opportunity (please see attached 😊).


Ive come to the decision that the next step for me in Yoga for BJJ is the Yoga for Rocks program! The aim after this is to be able to progress to the Start Up Program!!

So as the 11th day started so did hip week, in the Yoga for Rocks programs the idea is to focus on a specific area of the body for the entire week and rather than your 10 minutes you began to get used to it stretched out a little longer but still easily achievable during a 30 minute period.

I’m now just under two months in and have almost finished the Yoga for Rocks program the first time around, pretty sure Ill go another round of that section of the program due to the flexibility and overall body improvement I have felt since starting, however I think I will move on to the start-up program which is designed to get you more into a flow, the beauty of the app or the website is that if it gets tough, I can revert back to where I feel comfortable and work on any trouble spots.

I am starting to notice however a lot of the movements transpire into my rolling (or at least in my head I do, reality probably still has me looking like a beached humpback). Flexibility, well lets call it a work in progress but as Sebastian re assures you throughout the videos it will not happen straight away but in 2 years’ time you may look back and laugh about how inflexible you were. Another thing that surprised me were the benefits the yoga has also had in the weights room as well. Strength gains, and an increased Range of Motion were a most welcomed side effect.20190712_043354

All in all after 54 days of consistent training using the Yoga for BJJ app I am feeling pretty bloody good, and I wonder why I didn’t start this shit years ago!

Dont go looking for me at your local Yoga Studio just yet. The main thing I enjoy is being able to do this in the privacy of home, plus the world is not quiet ready for the Budgy Smuggler Yoga just yet.

(It will surely trend in the near future, they probably said the same thing about hot yoga) 🤷🏻‍♂️ but I could be wrong!

If middle aged dads in Budgie Smugglers doing yoga is your thing. Apparently it is a thing (haha I’ve got the DMs to prove it), feel free to follow along on IG @Luke_Free_Roll


Like I mentioned at the start if you are keen to give Yoga a shot and want the ease of taking a Yoga Instructor with you were ever you go then check out YOGA FOR BJJ by clicking the Link! THE FIRST TWO WEEKS are completely FREE so what have you got to loose?

If you like what you see and decide to sign up don’t forget to use the code “freeroller” and get yourself a cheeky 10% discount!

Namaste, see you on the mats soon! (Once you do the downward dog you can say it legally) 🤙🏼

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